Certified Appraisal and Trusted Estate Services

Certified Appraisal and Trusted Estate Services

ridium Jewelers & Gemologist is the most trusted and jeweler in Hawaii. We provide the most detailed appraisals on the island in full compliance with the National Association of Jewelers (NAJA) appraisers guidelines.

Often retained as an independent appraiser and consultant, our services have been utilized by government agencies, attorneys, accountants, individuals as well as insurance companies. We have served as an expert witness in the circuit and family courts in the judicial system of the state of Hawaii.

We handle small and large estates and have assisted in the valuation and discreet liquidation of the items when needed. Unlike most so-called "estate appraisers" who are just looking to buy your items, we are consultant looking out for your interest and the highest possible gain.

Iridium Jewelers & Gemologist

Certified Appraisal Services

As a graduate gemologist since 1976, our owner Karl Nakamura is a certified senior member of the national association of jewelry appraisers (CSM). He is familiar with the principles of the uniform standards of the professional appraisal practice (USPAP) and the requirements of the various types of appraisals, i.e. estate, tax, insurance, etc.

It is important to find an appraiser who knows these standards for certain types of appraisals which require strict adherence to guidelines set forth by USPAP and IRS.

Because it is not a legal requirement, many appraisers are not familiar with these standards.

Grade While You Wait

The difference between our appraisal service and others is that while many establishments require you to leave your valuables with us (and may need to send us away for an appraisal) our state of the art, in-house laboratory offers fast, accurate appraisals, often performed while you wait.

This assures proper insurance coverage if the need arises.

As a part of ethical business practices, we take extra measures to provide you the best possible service.

Advance Gemology Services

Iridium keeps abreast of the latest developments and trends of the business by regularly attending conferences and seminars pertaining to the field of jewelry, appraisals, and gemology. Our gemological lab consists of some of the most advanced gemological equipment in the state of Hawaii and is certified by the Accredited Gemologists Association.

Our equipment includes:

  • GIA master color diamond set.
  • Digital diamond color grader.
  • OGI Mega-scope diamond proportion analyzer.

Do you doubt the quality of your jewelry? Bring it to us for certified quality test.

We have an excellent record for quality grading and brokerage, and we’ve worked with many gem dealers and diamond cutters.

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years,